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M8 & M12 Cordsets

M8 and M12 cordsets Savings Everyday

Straight | 90° | PVC Jacket   

Yellow | 5M | 3 & 4 Pole


Pressure Gauges

2 guages Savings Everyday
1/4"  NPT                        
Hydraulic & Pneumatic
Vacuum to 6000 PSI
Center & Back Mount


Brass Ball Valves

Ball Valves Savings Everyday

1/4" to 2" sizes
Rated up to 600 PSI
2,3 & 4 way positions
Adjustable Stem Packing Nut








Newsletter ArchiveNewsletter

January 2016 issue:

Cognex - In-Sight 2000 Vision Sensor
Mitsubishi - MR-J4-TM EtherCAT Drive
Forbo - AMP MISER Conveyor Belt
Piab - Value Line Dual Ejectors
Balluff - MICROmote Sensors

December 2015 issue: Best of 2015

80/20 - You Dream It, We Build It
Rethink Robotics - Sawyer Cobot
Balluff - PlungerProx Contact Sensing
Parker - SensoNODE Wireless Monitoring
IAI - Minin ROBO Cylinder Video
Smart Vision Lights - TSLOT LED Lights Video
AHP Hydraulic Repair Capabilities Video
Parker SensoNODE Video

November 2015 issue:

IAI - Mini ROBO Cylinders
HoseMaster - Fire Shield Petroleum System
Murr - Cordsets Made in U.S.A.
PHD - GRR Large Grippers
IAI Video - Mini ROBO Cylinders
Rethink Robotics Video - Sawyer Force Sensing Demo
Balluff - Industrial Ethernet Cables

October 2015 issue:

MAC Pulse Valve
Mitsubishi iQ-R Automation Platform
Sick - H18 SureSense
Robotiq - 140mm 2-Finger Gripper
Smart Vision Lights - LE Series Linear Light
Stauff - Wireless Pressure Testing Video
Sick - SureSense Video

September 2015 issue:

Rethink Robotics - Sawyer is Redefining Automation
Cognex - In-Sight 5 Megapixel Vision Systems
Parker - Parker Tracking Systems (PTS)
Balluff - SmartLevel Capacitive Sensors
Bimba - MACQ Compact Cylinders
Balluff - SmartLight Tower Light Video
Rethink Robotics - Sawyer at Work Video

August 2015 issue:

Smart Vision Lights - TSLOT Extrusion LED Lights
Join Us at AutoVision Conference, September 14-17th
Piab - Value Line, Good Performance at a Value Price
T-BAR Cooling Technology
Robotiq - EBook on Collaborative Robots Safety
Parker - SensoNODE Video
TSLOT Extrusion LED Lights Video

July 2015 issue:

Dixon - BOSS LPS Products
Sick - IMB Inductive Proximity Sensors
80/20 - Black Anodized Profiles and Parts
Eaton - Non-Combination Box 1
Parker - SensoNODE Wireless Monitoring
Sick - IMB Sensor Video

June 2015 issue:

Stauff - Maintenance Free Wireless RFID Technology
Parker - P1/PD Open Circuit Pumps
Sick - DT50-2 Laser Distance Sensors
Piab - Vacuum Solutions for Metal Stamping
Mitsubishi - iQ-F Controller Video
80/20 - Demo Van

May 2015 issue:

Balluff - PlungerProx for Direct Contact Applications
Parker - Pre-congifured Hose Assemblies
IAI- ERC3 ROBO Cylinder with Built-in Controller
Forbo - Belting for Metalworking
Firestone - Industrial Actuators Video
Cognex - DataMan 150/260 Barcode Readers
Wilkerson - E28 Series Redundant Safety Exhaust Valve

April 2015 issue:

PHD - BCK2 Stretch Rod Cylinders
Parker - Parflex Antibacterial Tubing
Cognex - DataMan 150/260 Fixed Mount Readers
Mitsubishi - FX5U PLC next level of industry
Rethink Robotics - Sawyer Video
Kollmorgen - Washdown Motors Video
Murr - Emparro 3 Power Supplies
MAC - MAC Valves Video

March 2015 issue:

Rethink Robotics - Sawyer, Redefining Automation
Stauff - Hydraulic Test Products
Bimba - Washdown Solutions
Flexco - Food Grade Precleaner
QC Industries - HydroClean Conveyor video
Stauff - New Pressure Test Kit
Sawyer Video
Cognex - Automotive Industry Guide
Cognex - Products in Action

February 2015 issue:

80/20 - Build Services
Mitsubishi - GOT Simple GS Series HMI
Sick - AFS60 & AFM60 Encoders
Forbo - Power Transmission Flat Belts
Power Unit Department Capabilities Video
Hose Master - Expansion Joints
Balluff - DataBolt

January 2015 issue:

Murr - Pre-wired Passive Distribution
PHD - ESFX Electric Linear Slides
Wago - 757-801 Bluetooth Module
Piab - XLF Extra Large Flat Suction Cups
Video - Baxter for all Trades
Video - Parker PUCH-LOK Plus
Balluff offers local training classes

December 2014 issue: Best of 2014

Balluff-RFID Asset Tracking
80/20 Industrial Erector Set
Cognex - Checker Color Vision Inspections
Rethink Robotics - Baxter Robot Offer
Video - The Power of Intera 3 Software
Video - Cognex ID - Logistics
Video - Mitsubishi Robots Happy Holiday
Video - Parker - SensoNODE Wireless Monitoring

November 2014 issue:

Cognex - Color Vision Sensor
Pro-face - Programmable USB Towerlight
Mitsubishi - MR-J4 Trusted Technology
Parflex - Antimicrobial Tubing
AHP - Helpful Thanksgiving Tips Video

October 2014 issue:

Bimba - All-plastic Cylinders for Harsh Environments
80/20 - Endless Possibilities for Your Every Need
Stauff - Accurate Cleanliness Determination
Rethink Robotics - Get a Second Baxter Free
Parker - XTR Coating with 7 Times Protection

September 2014 issue:

Mitsubishi MR-JN One-touch Servo System
Cognex DataMan 8600 with UltraLight Technology
PHD New GRV Angular Grippers
MAC BAV Bullet Valves

August 2014 issue:

Parker Tracking System
Piab piGRIP BGI Better Gripping Performance
Murr Exact 12 Rear Mount Distribution Box
IAI RCP5 ROBO Cylinder with Battery-less Absolute Encoder
Stauff Oil Condition Sensors
Robotiq Tactile Sensors for Robotic Grippers

July 2014 issue:

Sick TranspaTect Multitask Sensors
ACE Vibro Checker - Free Vibration Measurement App
Balluff Asset Tracking RFID
Wago EPSITRON ECO Power Supplies
IAI IXP Stepper Motor SCARA Robot video

June 2014 issue:

Baxter is READY to go to Work!
Mitsubishi's A800 Drives can help you save money
Cognex Checker 4G7C Color Vision Sensors
Parker SensoNODE Wireless Monitoring
Machine Vision Lighting Expert Guide
Parker Industrial Hose
Mitsubishi Approved System Integrators
Rethink Robotics Customer Success Story - King Innovation

May 2014 issue:

Piab piSECURE Decentralized Vacuum Pumps
Our Center of Excellence for Hydraulic Engineering
Parker 360° Rotary Manifold
Balluff RFID - Do You Know What Your Assets are Worth?
Video: Multiple Baxter Robots using Kinect V2
AHP Is One of Best Places to Work in KY - again in 2014
Hybrid Motion Technology Overview

April 2014 issue:

Cognex Releases New DataMan Software Enhancements
Phoenix Contact RIFLINE Complete Industrial Relay System
Piab piCOMPACT All-in-one Compact Ejector Unit
Sick Lector 650 Image-based Code Reader
'Let's Talk Symbology' A Guide to Decoding Barcodes
Assembly Article: Human-Robot Collaboration Comes of Age

June 2013 issue:

Balluff Configurable Smart Light
Phoenix Contact Energy & Power Measuring Technologies
Mitsubishi Automation Knowledge Base
Mobile training lab's Baxter demonstration video
Video: Balluff Smart Light

May 2013 issue:

Cognex DataMan 50L 1D Barcode Readers
PHD GRV Precision Angular Grippers
Rethink Robotics Releases Baxter V1.1 Software
Mitsubishi Solutions in Motion coming in September

April 2013 issue:

Parker Industrial Jackhammer Hose Assemblies
Parker E-Z Form Hose
Join the Parker Challenge
Hose Finder App
Fitting Finder App

March 2013 issue:

Robotiq 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Grippers
Local Baxter Demonstration Sessions
Eaton EAY Programmable Relays
Balluff UltraFrame sensors
Video: Balluff Transparent Detection Sensors

February 2013 issue:

PHD Series KG Impact Sensor and Programmer
Baxter Featured on 60 Minutes
Save Compressed Air with piSAVE optimize
Video: KG Impact Sensor
Balluff SlagMaster PTFE Coated Sensors
ACE Vibration Damping Plates

January 2013 issue:

Parker Store: We Give Downtime a Hard Time
Mechanical Crimp Connection
Prestolok Plus Food Grade Push-to-connect Fittings
Parker HoseFinder and Fitting Finder Apps

Best Technologies of 2012:

The Robot with Common Sense
piLEAN Vacuum Automation Reduces Energy Consumption
Video: Barcode Scanner 12 Foot Drop Test
Mitsubishi New MR-J4 Servo System
Pro-face GP4000M Modular HMI

AHP Joins Forces with Rethink Robotics

November 2012 issue:

SICK ML20 Eliminates the need for Print Marks
Cognex In-Sight 7010 Entry-level Vision System
IAI Introduces the RCP4 with Longer Strokes
PHD Multiple Position Slide
Savings Everyday

October 2012 issue:

PIAB Announces piLEAN Vacuum Automation
Mitsubishi New MR-J4 Servo System
AHP Wins Circle of Safety Award
Parker CERGOM Unique Hose Technology
Parker Composite Hose for Petrochemical Applications

September 2012 issue:

Balluff SMARTLEVEL in difficult Applications
Sensors with Outstanding Chemical-resistant Housing

August 2012 issue:

Balluff GlobalLine Capacitive Sensors
Stainless Steel Capacitive Sensors for Harsh Environments
Reliably Detect Objects and Fill Levels

July 2012 issue:

Balluff Micropulse Transducers

June 2012issue:

SICK IDM160 Barcode Scanner
Drop test video