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Parker ULRM Series Rear-mount Oil Coolers

Parker ULRMHigh hydraulic fluid temperatures can damage system components, as well as significantly alter the way your hydraulic system performs – leaving you with costly repairs and downtime. The Parker ULRM Series provides durable rear-mount coolers designed to fit behind standard TEFC electric motors. Engineered for case drain applications or applications requiring minimal cooling, the ULRM Series affordably removes heat from your hydraulic fluid to protect your system.
The ULRM Series offers robust and efficient bar and plate construction. Designed to the standard dimensions found on NEMA frame motors, it significantly reduces your installation time, so you can get up and running faster.

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Parker IQAN® Connect

Total Electro-Hydraulic Control and Asset Management

Parker IQAN ConnectParker IQAN® Connect integrates Parker’s intelligent hydraulic components and electronic control hardware and software into one seamless digital ecosystem. With IQAN® Connect, performance information is recorded and stored so it can be accessed instantly. Plus, the system can be fine-tuned in real-time, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

What’s more, with IQAN® Software Solutions, you can create custom functions that optimize your machine’s energy efficiency, allowing you to run the engine at lower RPMs, while reducing emissions.

IQAN® Connect’s simplicity means less downtime and greater productivity for your crew.

Parker IQAN Connect