2-Finger Grippers

3-Finger Grippers

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2 Finger Adaptive Robotic Grippers

2 finger video 2 Finger Gripper Video

Flexible 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper designed to handle high-mix parts.

3 Finger Adaptive Robotic Grippers

3 finger video 3 Finger Gripper Video
3 mechanically intelligent fingers that automatically adapt to any object.

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Robotiq designs and manufactures flexible robot grippers and complimentary components. We work with robot manufacturers, integrators and end-users to deliver dexterous grippers that enable new applications and improve productivity.


The Adaptive Gripper Solution

Fully programmable, our Adaptive Robot Grippers can grip a wide variety of part shapes from flat, to square, to cylindrical, to irregular. Both our electric grippers have different gripping modes and precise control of speed, force and finger position, that give you the flexibility and precision to pick and place parts in machine tool or other production processes.2 Finger grippers

These flexible electric grippers with fingers adapt to any shape providing precise control and straightforward integration on a wide range of robots.

2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper

A compact and flexible electric gripper to pick all your parts, eliminate changeovers and reduce custom development time and cost.

NEW 140mm 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper

Robotiq 140mm 2-finger gripperRobotiq releases the 2-Finger 140 Adaptive Robot Gripper, a large stroke electric gripper with advanced control features. It is able to detect that a part has been picked, as well as pick soft, fragile or deformable parts without crushing them while maintaining a safe grip when the robot is moving.

The new Gripper comes with a 140 mm programmable stroke and a 2 kg payload, ideal for high-mix pick and place operations for various industries such as electronics, consumer goods and logistics.

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3 finger grippers Robotiq grippers

3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper

Give to your robot hand-like capabilities with this rugged and agile electric gripper.

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The new Collaborative Robot ebook provides a comprehensive review of 9 emerging collaborative robots for industrial applications.  This ebook includes a comparative chart for all the main specifications for each robot.

  • Key features of the robots
  • Challenges related to each one
  • Pluses and minuses of each technology

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