Hydraulic & Industrial Pumps


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Manifold Systems


Servo valvesEP Series Proportional Valves

EP Series of pressure, flow, and directional/flow proportional valves are available in a wide range of configurations to suit the application.

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MotorsGear Motors

GR-M, and GRH Series of heavy duty gerotor motors are available in a broad range of displacements and mountings and are used extensively in mobile and industrial applications. 

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Tokyo Keike logo Tokyo Keiki

TOKYO KEIKI is aleading manufacturers of hydraulic equipment, providing a full range of hydraulic components such as pumps, valves, actuators, and related electronics and sensors.

Hydraulics & Industrial Pumps

Tokimec PumpsLow noise, high performance, and high reliability are characteristics of TOKYO KEIKI hydraulic pumps. TOKYO KEIKI's PH Series and P**V Series piston pumps and SQP(S) vane pumps are designed to meet the stringent needs of industrial users. Fixed vane pump series offers superior performance with high volumetric efficiency and very low noise characteristics. It is available in single, double, as well as triple pump configurations and in versions which operate on water glycol or phosphate ester fluids.

Hydraulics & Industrial pumps


Tokimec valvesTOKYO KEIKI provides a full range of solenoid and solenoid pilot-operated directional valves from 20 liters to 800 liters. Digital Valve system greatly expands the range of hydraulic control. Its programmable capability, superior contamination resistance, and open loop simplicity enable great flexibility in applications. The system's digital format allows simple numerical input of settings which can be stored and reset.



Electronic Pressure Switches and SensorsTokimec Sensors

TOKYO KEIKI's ETP electronic pressure sensor and ESP Series electronic pressure switches boast superior accuracy, repeatability, and temperature drift characteristics. Integrated electronic circuitry provides voltage or current signal output.  The ETP is equipped with a switch which makes sensor calibration easy.

Electronic pressure switches and sensors



Manifold SystemsManifold systems

TOKYO KEIKI's TMCD Series high density manifold blocks address mobile applications and other industrial requirements for light weight, compactness, and reduced piping.   Utilizing a special manifold block design software tool , TOKYO KEIKI is able to provide fast, error-free solutions which meet customer requirements, even those involving high complexity.

Manifold systems

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