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ERD Low Cost Electric Cylinders     

ERD electric Cylinder ERD low cost electric actuator Alternative to pneumatic cylinders The ERD electric cylinders are low-cost electric actuators that provide an alternative to pneumatic cylinders and an option for automating manual processes. more >

High Force ERD20

The Tolomatic ERD20 Rod Actuator is the newest addition ERD 20 High force ERD20 to the Electric Rod product line providing higher force capability at very economical prices.

  • Forces to 500 lbs
  • Strokes up to 24 inches
  • Compatible with Your Motor

more >

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A leading supplier of electric linear motion and pneumatic actuators, Tolomatic’s expertise in linear actuators is backed by 50 years of original product innovation, integrity, and the best service in the industry. Our extensive product line includes electric linear and pneumatic actuators, linear servo actuators for high thrust, integrated Smart Actuators, drives & motors, and configured linear motion systems.

Tolomatic also manufactures right-angle gear drives, caliper disc brakes, and clutches. Tolomatic has earned its industry-wide reputation for designing and manufacturing highly durable and reliable electric linear and pneumatic actuators for a variety of industries, including packaging, material handling, medical, food processing, automotive, semiconductor, and general automation.

Tolomatic Rodless Actuators Rodless Electro-mechanical actuators Rodless Electro-mechanical Actuators

Tolomatic’s electric rodless actuator lineup includes linear screw actuators and high speed belt linear actuators. 


Rodless Electro-mechanical Actuators

ERD Electric Rod Actuators Electric Rod Actuators

Tolomatic’s electric rod style lineup includes low cost electric cylinders, linear slides, smart actuators, and linear servo actuators.

Electric Rod Actuators


Pneumatic Actuators pneumatic actuators Pneumatic Actuators & Cylinders

Tolomatic is a leader in pneumatic rodless band cylinders and pneumatic slides

Pneumatic Actuators & Cyilnders

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