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Squeaks is a real-time messaging and notifications platform for your line that connects your team members, machinery, and data to help them work better, together.

With Squeaks, you'll have instant visibility with real-time alerts, called Squeaks, which are sent to you and your team’s smartphones or tablets.

Here are some of the Squeaks you can activate...
• Service Requests • Quality Alerts • Inventory Replenishment Alerts
• Production Alarms • Scheduled Production Updates
• And more! Squeaks can integrate with any software or equipment protocol.

Increase productivity with instant, relevant communication
Messages can can contain text, image and video and can be transmitted on a one-to-one basis or to customizable teams or groups.

Maximize your team’s efficiency and responsiveness with smarter workflow management
Squeaks can be assigned to or claimed by a team member. See progress toward the completion of a task or resolution of an issue instantly.